Getting on with the languages

I’ve realised now that my 2-year hiatus from learning a local language needs to come to an end.  My Italian is not improving and it needs to….!Yes, I can get by with German as well as English and I can follow French (more likely written than spoken, it is often spoken too fast for me)…..but my local lingo needs to keep up with that of my 3-year-old.

That’s quite hilarious, don’t you think?!  It’s better that I learn more to share with my child so that he can communicate effectively with me (or should I say so I can properly understand him!).  I can get by at a basic level in Italian but it’s time to improve.

Still, I don’t feel too bad for a native English speaker – there are many out there in Switzerland who cannot or will not speak any other language.  Mountain Man Mess, I remember you and your “Grüetzi, Zwei Bier bitte!” – classic!