Le Shop – online store

Living mostly down in the southern enclave of Switzerland also known as “Ticino”, I was amazed to find out that my once-weekly shop at www.le-shop.ch (run by Migros) comes from “Up North”.  That is they drive my shopping through the Gotthard tunnel and deliver it to my house in the evening.Again, because of this, it happens ONCE a week.

The reason I found out about this was because one week they failed to deliver.  Reason?  An accident in the Gotthard tunnel.

I’m sure there’s a very good reason I prefer to drive the 30 minutes to iPer in Varese, Italy – where there is a greater selection of groceries at usually better prices.  Except the beer which is usually rubbish.

Anyway, Le Shop – can’t you attach yourself to a big Migros down here and supply us with more flexibility? Or do we not count?