Lockdown, Swiss style

Lockdown, Swiss style

So there we were, at the enforced end of the skiing season in Austria. Anyway, we left Austria with a tan and a great ski weekend behind us and returned to Switzerland.

Monday night had a strange feeling about it; we went to our local bar as we fully-suspected it would be the last day of “normality” as COVID-19 was sweeping towards us.

And, so it turned out, that was three months largely at home with few shops, no bars or restaurants. Fundamentally, it started out with everyone at home so there was no cars, no traffic, fewer trains. Bliss?

Well, not really. So we had to be creative. We were lucky with the weather and developed our own approach to eating out!

Now the Swiss lockdown was more a “lockdown”….in the first days, I thought the police would talk to people but it simply wasn’t the case and, after two weeks (of warm weather), people were everywhere. The police had to close the lakeside area in Zurich because there were too many large groups there – and this closure would remain until June 8th.

Thankfully, we have the #socialarmageddon lifting now. Two metres, face protection here and there is still the case but the infections are down and the controls are being relaxed.

In truth, we only noticed the shops, bars and restaurants; even our local lake sunbathing spots were open – and often packed.