The Global Window-shop for Netflix

The Global Window-shop for Netflix

It seems we in Switzerland don’t get the best value for money with Netflix. While the cost is not massive, there are other countries in the world who get a better deal. Interesting reading can be found (like this).

What does this mean? Well, Netflix tells us that Swiss prices “range from CHF 11,90 to CHF 21,90 a month.” That’s around US$12-22.

If you surf around a little, maybe to Latin America, you’ll find that you can save around half of that. Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Brazil all have very good prices….if you’re feeling brave, Turkey is even cheaper.

Is there a catch? Not really. If you try to get to the micro-sites for these countries, Netflix will quite forcefully redirect you to your “home” country to subscribe. The solution? You need a VPN service to drop into the country of your choice.

And then look what happens:

It’s even in English, how very helpful!

Apparently, the top tier in Brazilian Real works out to about CHF 8.

Your VPN is no longer necessary in this scenario. You submit your credit card details, get your 30 days trial period and billing starts. You can then sign in to Netflix ANYWHERE and enjoy your local content. The only reason you might want a VPN after this is to get some content from a territory where there are additional Netflix titles.

You will not be blighted with shows in a language that you don’t understand; Netflix will only show content for Brazil, for example, if you’re connected with a Brazilian IP address to the service.

Go forwards, enjoy the savings. I’ve been using the service like this for over two years and give it the thumbs up.