The Great Swisscom-to-Salt fiber migration

The Great Swisscom-to-Salt fiber migration with feature comparison and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

As a family, we recently moved from Swisscom Fiber (1Gbps) to Salt Fiber (10Gbps!!). The attraction was based on speed (claims), price, an AppleTV 4K with Salt.TV to replace Swisscom TV and a phone line.

It was not a perfect fit because we moved two phone lines from Swisscom, one going out to as a VoIP porting. This is down to the fact that Salt only offers one telephone line with their bundle at this time.

An initial feature comparison:

Speed Claimed1Gbps10Gbps
TV channels300+250+
Phone lineFree calls in CHFree calls in CH
Parental control
on router
Custom DNS
Static IP addressNoYes
Port forwarding and DMZYesYes*
*Salt appears to have a static IP and a IP you appear to surf from. Weird..!

The functions on the Salt router appeared at first to be limited. I also thought the NAT port-forward was not working – it was once I realised the Static IP from the “Status” page of the router is the one you want to use….I now have some A records to forward traffic into my network.

The lack of DNS customisation is horrible; my bodge is to set a DNS server internally to forward queries to OpenDNS and to block all outbound DNS traffic from the router. One annoyance and a benefit pushed together – lovely!

Number porting from Swisscom to Salt. Where do I start? The mistake I made was porting one of my two numbers from Swisscom to Green a week before my contract end. This killed the Internet connection and the other phone number. Dead.

On the bright side, Swisscom did eventually support me with a porting outbound the following day, free of charge. Salt ports inbound at 12:30 every day and, from then, the phone could make calls…..but inbound calls were dead-ended.

The transformation took about 5 hours on the support lines to the two companies. I think I do have a particular special outbound route from Swisscom but I needed to know that breaking the bundle would terminate my Internet and phone service.

Now it works. More news will come!


Salt call forwarding: To forward your phone line on no answer to another number, Salt has an undocumented but standard method to forward it. Enable it like this:

  • *61*_your_destination_number#
  • *61*_your_destination_number*_number_of_seconds_#

To disable it, #61#. After all of these, you press the green button to initiate the call – if you get it right, it will speak to you.