The Great Swisscom-to-Salt fiber migration

The Great Swisscom-to-Salt fiber migration with feature comparison and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

As a family, we recently moved from Swisscom Fiber (1Gbps) to Salt Fiber (10Gbps!!). The attraction was based on speed (claims), price, an AppleTV 4K with Salt.TV to replace Swisscom TV and a phone line.

It was not a perfect fit because we moved two phone lines from Swisscom, one going out to as a VoIP porting. This is down to the fact that Salt only offers one telephone line with their bundle at this time.

An initial feature comparison:

Swisscom Salt
Speed Claimed 1Gbps 10Gbps
Price ~140 40
TV channels 300+ 250+
Phone line Free calls in CH Free calls in CH
Parental control
on router
Yes Yes
Custom DNS
Yes No
Static IP address No Yes
Port forwarding and DMZ Yes Yes*
*Salt appears to have a static IP and a IP you appear to surf from. Weird..!

The functions on the Salt router appeared at first to be limited. I also thought the NAT port-forward was not working – it was once I realised the Static IP from the “Status” page of the router is the one you want to use….I now have some A records to forward traffic into my network.

The lack of DNS customisation is horrible; my bodge is to set a DNS server internally to forward queries to OpenDNS and to block all outbound DNS traffic from the router. One annoyance and a benefit pushed together – lovely!

Number porting from Swisscom to Salt. Where do I start? The mistake I made was porting one of my two numbers from Swisscom to Green a week before my contract end. This killed the Internet connection and the other phone number. Dead.

On the bright side, Swisscom did eventually support me with a porting outbound the following day, free of charge. Salt ports inbound at 12:30 every day and, from then, the phone could make calls…..but inbound calls were dead-ended.

The transformation took about 5 hours on the support lines to the two companies. I think I do have a particular special outbound route from Swisscom but I needed to know that breaking the bundle would terminate my Internet and phone service.

Now it works. More news will come!


Salt call forwarding: To forward your phone line on no answer to another number, Salt has an undocumented but standard method to forward it. Enable it like this:

  • *61*_your_destination_number#
  • *61*_your_destination_number*_number_of_seconds_#

To disable it, #61#. After all of these, you press the green button to initiate the call – if you get it right, it will speak to you.