Under Pressure; have I been hacked? 🤣

A very important email arrived in my mail account – marked as spam by Gmail. Maybe it is because it was to a generic catch-all account or maybe it was due to the content….let‘s see

There is an overdue payment under your name. Please, settle your debts ASAP.

Holy crap. You have my attention!


Hi. Don’t you know my name yet?

Sadly, there are some bad news that you are about to hear.

Did my cat die? Oh, hang on, I don‘t have a cat. I‘d better read on…..

About few months ago I have gained a full access to all devices used by you for internet browsing.

Full access? Like everything? What about the devices I use where I don‘t browse the Internet. Have you been reading books on my Kindle too? I‘m scared 😬 – please tell me more

Shortly after, I started recording all internet activities done by you.

Oh. My. God! Did you manage to stay awake during that?

Below is the sequence of events of how that happened:

I am not sure this English is so good but I‘m listening 👍

Earlier I purchased from hackers a unique access to diversified email accounts (at the moment, it is really easy to do using internet).

I bet it is really easy. But I also hope it did not cost you much….

As you can see, I managed to log in to your email account without breaking a sweat: ([email protected]).

You did? You didn’t. While mail might deliver to this account, there is no mailbox on any server in the world with that address. I’m starting to think you’re stupid.

Within one week afterwards, I installed a Trojan virus in your Operating Systems available on all devices that you utilize for logging in your email.

So by this time you must know my name. Could you not have added it to the Hi at the start of your email to make it more personal?

To be frank, it was somewhat a very easy task (since you were kind enough to open some of links provided in your inbox emails).

Hi, Frank. Thanks for sharing those links that I did not click on.

I know, you may be thinking now that I’m a genius.

Rather the opposite. I am thinking you‘re hoping I am stupid.

With help of that useful software, I am now able to gain access to all the controllers located in your devices (e.g., video camera, keyboard, microphone and others).

Controllers? That‘s the first time I‘ve heard that phrase for those. But go on…

As result, managed to download all your photos, personal data, history of web browsing and other info to my servers without any problems.

All of your servers belong to you, huh? Say my name, then, Frank. Go on! 🤣

Moreover, I now have access to all accounts in your messengers, social networks, emails, contacts list, chat history – you name it.

You don’t. Come on, you have no idea about anything. You just want me to give you something – so get to the point.

My Trojan virus continues refreshing its signatures in a non-stop manner (because it is operated by driver), hence it remains undetected by any antivirus software installed in your PC or device.

So Frank is Frank, that‘s like a signature. Do I have a PC or a device? Can you be more specific?

So, I guess now you finally understand the reason why I could never be caught until this very letter…

You‘re not going to be caught for anything since nothing has happened yet. Since you sent this email to me from my own account (because you have access to the mailbox that does not exist but managed to send it, I wonder how you did that 😳🤪).

During the process of your personal info compilation, I could not help but notice that you are a huge admirer and regular guest of websites with adult content.

Aren‘t we all? You should threaten to tell my wife. That‘ll really put the fear of God into me.

You endure a lot of pleasure while checking out porn websites, watching nasty porn movies and reaching breathtaking orgasms.

Endure? Seriously? Breath-taking? Oh of course….you have access to my microphone controller, silly me.

Let me be frank with you, it was really hard to resist from recording some of those naughty solo scenes with you in main role and compiling them in special videos that expose your masturbation sessions, which end with you cumming.

But I recorded them for myself. They are in my photo/video stream if you care to look. Frank, I am so disappointed in you.

In case if you still have doubts, all I need is to click my mouse and all those nasty videos with you will be shared to friends, colleagues, and relatives of yours.

So you really did record them? Because your English above is not so clear. So you know my friends‘ names but not mine? 🤪

Moreover, nothing stops me from uploading all that hot content online, so all public can watch it too.

Firstly, nobody would really give a crap. Secondly, we both know, Frank, that the videos don‘t exist….but thanks for calling it hit content, that made me laugh. Are you 12?

I sincerely hope, you would really not prefer that to happen, keeping in mind all the dirty things you like to watch, (you certainly know what I mean) it will completely ruin your reputation.

I doubt it. And Frank, frankly, you‘re rambling.

However, don’t worry, there is still a way to resolve this:

Ah. Frank, you‘re getting to the point. I like the point.

You need to carry out a $1290 USD transfer to my wallet (equivalent amount in bitcoins depending on exchange rate at the moment of funds transfer), hence upon receiving the transaction, I will proceed with deleting all the filthy videos with you in main role.

$. US$. USD. I get it. I trust you, Frank. You will delete this stuff you don‘t have, right?

Afterwards, we can forget about this unpleasant accident. Furthermore, I guarantee that all the malicious software will also be erased from your devices and accounts.

There‘s been an accident?!! It‘s not the cat I don‘t have, right?

Mark my words, I never lie.

But you‘re stupid, Frank. Or you‘re expecting me to be stupid…

That is a great bargain with a low price, I assure you, because I have spent a lot of effort while recording and tracking down all your activities and dirty deeds during a long period of time.

No it‘s not. No you have not.

In case if you have no idea how to buy and transfer bitcoins – feel free to check the related info on the internet.

OK 🪙

Here is my bitcoin wallet for your reference: 1JqdLhixeS6hrC9JV2pvXpP5WhtzCEppWd

Oh, excuse me, I will check how many stupid people have paid you….none 🤣

From now on, you have only 48 hours and countdown has started once you opened this very email (in other words, 2 days).

Crumbs. I was going to go away for the weekend…..

The following list contains things you should definitely abstain from doing or even attempting:


Abstain from trying to reply this email (since the email is generated inside your inbox alongside with return address).

You are a genius, Frank!

Abstain from trying to call or report to police or any other security services. In addition, it’s a bad idea if you want to share it with your friends, hoping they would help. If I happen to find out (knowing my awesome skills, it can be done effortlessly,  because I have all your devices and accounts under my control and unceasing observation) – kinky videos of yours will be share to public the same day.

I am security. I don‘t know how to proceed….

Abstain from trying to look for me – that would not lead anywhere either. Cryptocurrency transactions are absolutely anonymous and cannot be tracked.

I suppose posting your email on the Internet is OK?

Abstain from reinstalling your OS on devices or throwing them away. That would not solve the problem as well, since all your personal videos are already uploaded and stored at remote servers.

I am not going to do that. You are not in my devices, it would be a waste of time.

Things you may be confused about:


That your funds transfer won’t be delivered to me.

I am not confused about that as I will not be paying.

Chill, I can track down any transactions right away, so upon funds transfer I will receive a notification as well,  since I still control your devices (my trojan virus has ability of controlling all processes remotely, just like TeamViewer).

Of course it does, Frank.

That I am going to share your dirty videos after receiving money transfer from you.


Here you need to trust me, because there is absolutely no point to still bother you after receiving money.

Thanks, Frank 👍

Moreover, if I really wanted all those videos would be available to public long time ago!

I. Doubt. It.

I believe we can still handle this situation on fair terms!

Yes, I post a humours analysis of your email on the Internet and everybody laughs! 🤣

Here is my last advice to you… in future you better ensure you stay away from this kind of situations!

Oh, trust me, I might not stay away but I can manage these situations.

My advice – don’t forget to regularly update your passwords to feel completely secure.

Thanks again, Frank; this is vital information. I don’t know any of my passwords, they are too long and complex to even think about. I assume you have them all, along with my photos, hot videos and documents….