Microsoft Office, Family Edition

There are many good bargains to be had with electronics and software in Switzerland and one of my favourites is presently running with a special offer at the moment, Digitec will sell you 12+15 (so 27 months) of Office Family edition (this offer is over, look for it being CHF 130,- or less – otherwise look for since years at CHF 60-70,-).

If you miss this deal, look here and you will find the Office Family version at the best price – don’t worry about the language because you download it in the language you prefer – the box contains a licence code for Office Family that acts as an entitlement.

Do not subscribe at Microsoft directly as they will bill you an annual price (CHF 109,95!!) that is far higher than the prices in Digitec and other resellers.

Here’s what you get:

Microsoft 365 Family is the ideal subscription for whole-home use for up to 6 people and provides everything you need to organize your life. At home or on the go, you’ll stay up to date with the latest versions of trusted Office apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote on any device.

Sync you and your family’s documents and pictures with 1TB of cloud storage per person, so you can access them anytime, anywhere. OneDrive automatically saves these files on all your devices, including any changes. Plus, with your personal vault, you get a protected folder with two-step identity verification for your most important files.

Whether it’s a school project, a pitch presentation or a newsletter, you can seamlessly collaborate with others at the same time. It’s easy to share OneDrive files from your PC or mobile device and allow friends, classmates or family members to make suggestions and edit the document.

For around CHF 60 per year, you have the latest software, you can have up to six family members using the account (I have a server with an account, backing up to OneDrive) and each account can be simultaneously using five devices (unlimited installs, in effect).

You also get 60 minutes of Skype Out credit per month, allowing you to call normal numbers from Skype on your devices. Not all numbers are included – but it‘s better than nothing. If you call abroad for some minutes per month, this is a great addition for you.

Value! 👍

You can also host your own domain in front of your Office Family setup – custom domain not from Godaddy (why would you ever….) – [using this guide]( This capability might go away soon, possibly to be replaced by a non-Godaddy domain……the requirement can be worked around, my own email domain is running this way….