Home Office is the New Office

Firstly, welcome back.  Things have been quiet for a while (or perhaps I’ve been lazy….).

It dawned on me that, after 18 months of permanent home office, this *is* the new office.  Employers of course are looking to use their expensive office space because, well, it’s expensive.  But on the other hand, Corona is still mutating and Delta is spreading well.  Thanks, mainly, to an uptake in leisure travel.

Given this fact, we, like many others, are looking for a new property with a bigger office space.  Two people sharing a reasonable home office space is not bad occasionally but I’ve regularly been using the dining table and Junior’s desk for calls.  Two people in a small space making constant calls is not optimal 😀

What makes this process complicated is everyone else is looking for the same.  For that reason, it really does seem like Home Office is the New Office and we’d better get used to it!!