Living the Corona Life

It’s been a while….. and because I’m trapped at home, an update!

What is Coronavirus like with the “Lockdown” (it’s not truly a lockdown or at least not in my opinion)….?

Firstly, the whole shopping experience – for food of course – is borderline tolerable.  I say that because I only use my small local Coop and, bar the long lines and odd person with a mask on, it’s relatively OK.  Plus they finally stocked up massively on toilet roll and guess what – with a mass of toilet rolls on pallets outside, people realise there is no shortage!!

All I wish is there were some restaurants and bars to visit.  That I could play tennis and go to the gym.  And that my new bigger screen for home office was here already!!

More to come soon including a description of the process and steps for non-facilitated naturalisation….. I am nearly done!