New to Switzerland? Mobile subscription needed? Try these!

Firstly, the “expensive” option.  It’s a super-secret Salt subscription that is available for CHF50,- per month via Green (don’t ask me why….).  It’s what I have had for some years and has these wonderful benefits:

  • Flat rate calls in/to Switzerland, EU and USA (except special/premium numbers)
  • Flat rate data roaming in Switzerland, EU and USA
  • No phone/discount included – it’s just the subscription

It’s fundamentally better than the subscriptions offered on – even when these are being heavily discounted. The Europe XXL subscription is the closest which is regularly priced at CHF90,-

For those with a lesser budget, there are TalkTalk subscriptions that might be interesting.  The EU & US Mobile Subscription has limited data (2Gb per month) and unlimited calls to certain locations (EU and US) for CHF30,- which is a good option – unless you’re a heavy data user.

Finally, Das Abo could be an option – Das Abo easy is CHF15,- per month with 4Gb data and unlimited calls and texts – in Switzerland.

If you want a phone with your subscription, you’ll need to dig there yourself as the deals constantly change and your requirements will differ 🙂