Go-Mo. Nuts! The cheapest and best domestic mobile phone subscription.

Go-Mo.  Go Mobile, I assume.  We all are so maybe it’s “Gone Mobile.”

I stumbled across their website today and it’s astounding.  They are a MVNO based on Salt here in Switzerland and are offering the first 50’000 subscribers an all-you-can-consume mobile subscription for anyone never roaming outside Switzerland.

CHF10 per month!

But that’s not the only benefit.

  • Full 4G speed for 100Gb of traffic
  • Free calls and texts in Switzerland to “normal” numbers
  • An ability to cap the extra spend should you roam (or set to zero and disable everything)
  • No fixed duration contract, it’s month-by-month with 60 days’ notice

That’s usually going to be enough for anyone.  If I had not renewed recently, I would take this mega-deal.  I can see no drawbacks.

But what could be negatives for some?

  • No phone “discount.”  I know, hardly worth the bother nowadays anyway
  • The website journey is chronic if you try English because it randomly becomes German and stays that way

I strongly recommend this subscription for kids, new arrivals who want to get a service then move to something else, maybe, because Internet/TV/phone/mobile combodeals are often better.  You will be able to port your number out of this without a hitch, that’s how things work in Switzerland…..in fact you don’t quit your provider in that case, you set up a deal with the new provider and port the number over either according to the notice period or ASAP (and have to pay out that notice period).

Go! Mo!