Funky Deals from Swisscom

Swisscom is usually slightly behind the curve with decent offers for those wanting to switch from another provider or are new to contracts and can take up the offers.
The latest offers include the following:

  • A free AppleTV 4k with an Internet/TV subscription
  • A free MacBook Air M1 with the “bigger” mobile contracts
  • A free iPad Air with an Internet connection

First up, the best and, frankly, no downside option – an AppleTV 4K box with the TV subscription.  Much better and more versatile than a Swisscom box and delivered with a Swisscom AppleTV remote (because most hate the original one), it’s free.  Free.  There seems to be no change in any price whatsever!

Secondly, signing up for a 24-month mobile subscription with a bigger volume and roaming included comes, until the end of June 2022, with a M1 MacBook Air.  If you combine this with an Internet subscription at home (blue Benefit) and take the “Simply Digital” option,  you save CHF30 per month on the list price.  It seems the cost of the MBA is simply that you do not qualify for a discounted phone (which they aren’t) for the first 24 months of the contract.

The iPad Air offer with an Internet connection is the elephant in the room.  The figures look bad; it seemed the extra costs over 24 months would be far greater than buying an iPad Air brand new – which does not make sense unless a) you really need one and b) want to pay more over 24 months rather than pay for one immediately.

I feel I can now reveal these deals because I have a MacBook Air arriving this week!!